We are so glad that you believe in Rotaract’s mission and want to be an officer! Follow the steps below to complete the officer application process. 

Step 1: Read Position Responsibilities 

Read the positions and its responsibilities at the bottom of the page. (NOTE: Please check the officer application or email to find out about open positions.)

Step 2: Complete Officer Application

Once you have reviewed the officer position responsibilities, fill out the Officer Application.

Step 3: Receive Email for Interview

Once the application is filled out, you will receive an email from Haripriya Gopal ( within 1-3 days to schedule an interview.

Step 4: Results

A week after the interview, you will hear back regarding your application status. 

Thank you!

  • Conduct club meetings with detailed agendas allowing time for reports from officers and committee members
  • Chair meetings of the board of directors
  • Appoint all standing and special committees and serve as ex officio member of each committee
  • Appoint committee chairs based on individuals’ experience and seek their opinions about committee members.
  • Delegate responsibilities to help members develop their skills for future club leadership roles
  • Encourage club members to get involved in projects that build on their skills and interests
  • Ensure that club activities and service project are successfully promoted and executed
  • Support a membership strategy that encourages diversity
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Rotarian adviser, campus adviser, Rotary club members, and district Rotaract officers
  • Update club and membership data every year by June 30th through the Club Administration page on My Rotary
  • Attend all club meetings, events and service projects
  • Preside over meetings in the president’s absence
  • Serve on the board of directors and as an ex officio member of all committees
  • Handle special assignments as directed by the president
  • Stay current on club goals and activities
  • Succeed to the office of president if a vacancy occurs
  • Leads coordination of all club events and service projects
  • Attend all club meetings events and service projects
  • Ensure collaborative nature of the club and among officer board
  • Maintain all club records, including membership, committee appointments, attendance, dues payments, and important club documents such as the club’s certificate of organization, budgets, and reports.
  • Notify the sponsor Rotary club of members who are interested in joining a Rotary club, either as a current Rotaractor or after leaving Rotaract.
  • Provide club and member information to the president for required annual updates to Rotary
  • Distribute agendas, take minutes, and records officer reports for each meetings (including member meetings and officer meetings)
  • Assists in coordinating logistics for events and service projects
  • Attend all club meetings, events, and service projects
  • Chair the finance committee
  • Collect membership dues
  • Manage all money collected from dues and all proceeds from fundraising projects
  • Pay all club bills and reimbursements for club expenses
  • Prepare and administer the budget
  • Prepare monthly reports that accurately detail the club’s finances and expenses
  • Ensure the club complies with all government financial reporting requirements
  • Prepare and distribute an end-of-the-year report to club members and the incoming treasurer. Treasurer’s reports become part of the club’s permanent record.
  • Coordinates fundraising events and opportunities
  • Attend all club meetings, events, and service projects
  • Chair the outreach committee
  • Design and distribute all printed collateral
  • Produce and post on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Design and post all printed collateral including brochures, handouts and fliers promoting club opportunities
  • Prepare and distribute press releases for all large community events
  • Coordinate and attend all tabling and outreach opportunities
  • Attend all club meetings, events and service projects